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2020 President's Message

Dear Club Members,

This is a special year coming up because it is the Club’s 40th Anniversary!

Please make every effort to attend our upcoming AGM on January 25th, 2020. The AGM is your chance to elect your Executive Committee, be updated on Club operations and be heard on any concerns that you have.

In February we will be holding our annual Awards Banquet which honors those who have excelled both on and off the field and your attendance shows your true support for the Club.

Once again, our team has qualified for the playoffs finishing fourth after a challenging Fall season. Injury and diminished participation took their toll but the team really toughed it out and came through when it counted. Let’s show New England what a strong Newport Rugby side does.

We are sound financially and there are many good things happening with the Club. However, we also have a dwindling pool of players and need to recruit new players. There has also been a decline in attendance at our events from non-players. We need and want our non-players to participate and be involved in all aspects of the Club.

Please make every effort to attend both events.

Info on the AGM can be found here

Info on the Awards Banquet can be found here

Christopher Behan

Club President

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