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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Newport at South Shore


Newport heads to Boston to take on South Shore. This is a must-win match for Newport to be in contention for playoffs.

Match Conditions:

Cloudless skies and light breeze here in Weymouth, Mass. at Union Point Sports Complex. Turf Field.

Game start: 12:00 PM

2.40: Try by Jake H. Kick by Gannon Good. 7-0.

5.57: Penalty against South Shore. Kick by Gannon is good. 10-0 Newport.

10.40: South Shore Try. Kick not good. 10-5 Newport.

13.10: South Shore Penalty Try. 10-12 South Shore

16.18: South Shore Try. kick is good. 10-19 South Shore.

18.20: Newport try by Rashad. Kick by Gannon is

Not good. 15-19 South Shore. 22.30: South Shore try. Kick is good. 15-26 South Shore

37.30: South Shore try. Kick is good. 15-31 South Shore.

40.50: Newport try by Jamie H. Kick by Gannon is good. 22-34


48.00: South shore try. 22-41

58.22: South shore try. Kick is good. 22-48.

80.00: Newport Try. kick not good. 27-48.

Final: Newport 27- South Shore 48

Next Game - @ Boston Rugby 10/26/2019 1PM

Full match schedule can be viewed here

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