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GAME 2: Newport 81- Worcester 21 (MATCH REPORT)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Matched kicked off at 1.

With 4 minutes in John Perotti scores the games first try. After the conversion the score is 7-0 Newport.

After a penalty by Worcester, Newport scores with a try by Andrew Menton. Gannon makes the conversion bring the scores to 14-0.

Jake Howlett scores a Try for Newport. The conversion was good making it 21-0.

Twenty minutes in, Newport scores another try but failed to make the conversion. 26-0.

At the 28th minute, Jamie Horoszco scores a try and Gannon makes the conversion. 33-0

Newport goes in again. After another conversion the score is now 40-0.

Jake Howlett scores a long try on a beautiful switch to end the half. After the conversion the score is 47-0.

At the start of the 2nd half, John Perotti scores a try and Gannon makes the conversion. 55-0.

Worcester answers back after a strong defensive stance by Newport. They make the conversion and the score is 55-7.

Newport scores another try with Andrew Menton delivering a great pass to Jake Howlett. After the made conversion the score is 62-7.

Wasting no time Jake Howlett scores another try, but the conversion was missed and the score is now 67-7.

Worcester on a turnover scores and try and conversion. 67-14.

Worcester goes in to score after a penalty by Newport and made the conversion. 67-21.

Gannon in turn scores off of a penalty and made the conversion bringing the score to 74-21.

Rashaud Moore scores a long breakaway try and Gannon makes the conversion to end the match.

Final: Newport 81 - Worcester 21

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